Welcome to Michele Kielty Counseling, Consulting & Coaching

Burnout to Brilliance: Reignite Your Spark

Helping you soar past overwhelm, stress, anxiety and imposter syndrome to unleash your potential, cultivate joy, and elevate your relationships.

Welcome to Michele Kielty Counseling, Consulting & Coaching

Burnout to Brilliance: Reignite Your Spark

Helping you soar past overwhelm, stress, anxiety and imposter syndrome to unleash your potential, cultivate joy, and elevate your relationships.

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How I Can Help You

Beyond Balance: Reclaiming Time and Energy

Starting movement towards desired outcomes right now, not in a distant future

Align for Happiness

Designing a life fueled by your strengths. Working with strengths and meaningful goals sets the stage for greater happiness.

Be Present and Bounce Back

Harnessing the power of brief and effective mindfulness tools to manage stress and bounce back from difficulties.

Design a Fulfilling Life

Blending work and life in a way that nourishes you and moves beyond balance into flourishing.

About Dr. Michele Kielty

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant & Coach

I love seeing my clients and students experience those “aha” moments and make small changes that make enormously positive impacts on their lives. I have been a counselor, counseling professor and consultant for over 20 years. I have added a coaching credential to my toolbox because of the empowering philosophy and approach that coaching embraces.

I am personally and professionally dedicated to working with the intersection of mind, body, and spirit for optimal happiness and success. I believe we are whole people with incredible potential to thrive in this world. I am fiercely committed to my own well-being for the benefit of myself, my family, and my clients. 

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Professional Workshops

Mindfulness for Busy Leaders

Mindfulness strategies can be practical and the research shows that brief practices are very effective. Experienced mindfulness trainer, Dr. Michele Kielty, teaches simple and effective practices that can be used in and out of the workplace to create calm, focus, and greater well-being. The well-regulated individual works better with and for others. This is a workshop during which participants learn and practice skills.

Strength-Based Team Building

Research tells us that it is more effective to build on strengths than it is to try and correct all of our perceived weaknesses. This workshop incorporates an evidence-based assessment from the field of positive psychology to determine strengths. Individuals and teams benefit from examining how to optimize strengths and plan intentionally around using them for the greater good of themselves and the organization. This is a highly interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Michele Kielty.

Leaning on Resilience & Self-Compassion

The stressors of our everyday lives can sometimes be overwhelming and we start to lose focus, momentum, and even a sense of meaning. During this workshop, we lean into self-compassion and personal resilience to connect back with our personal passion and motivation for the work that we do. We explore personal resilience styles and learn self-compassion practices. We discuss how to enhance our teams and work spaces through resiliency and compassion for self and others. Dr. Kielty facilitates an interactive learning experience throughout this workshop.

Create A Custom Workshop

All workshops are custom-designed to meet the needs of your organization. Fees include initial consultation, workshop preparation, workshop delivery, and follow-up.

Building a Positive Workplace Environment

As workplace pressures abound, it can be easy to lose sight of how we impact our environment and others around us. Burnout or lack of purpose can make us lose sight of creating the type of spaces that important for thriving. This workshop centers on workplace values and goals as well as creating an intentional climate. This workshop takes into account the specific needs, values, and goals of the organization. This is a highly interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Michele Kielty.

Inner Work for Increasing Happiness and Work / Life Balance

Dr. Michele Kielty uses a wellness model to examine personal work/life balance. Participants evaluate multiple facets of their current well-being using an assessment provided by Dr. Kielty. Participants are led through a values-based, intentional goal-setting session that addresses tangible work/life balance strategies. Participants will leave with a personal self-care plan.

Strengthening Teams via Awareness of Self and Others

If we know ourselves, our preferences and our strengths, we can communicate more clearly and effectively. We can also better develop the assets we can bring into our workplaces. This workshop incorporates two evidence-based assessments, featuring personality preferences and character strengths. Individuals and teams benefit from examining preferences and learning how to optimize teammates’ contributions. This is an interactive workshop provided by Dr. Michele Kielty.

Workshop Testimonials

What Our Attendees Are Saying

AK Director of Client Services

“The training not only gave staff a chance to reflect on their own strengths and tendencies, but also opened the door in a safe environment to learn more about their teammates as well. Michele did a great job of keeping the group engaged and interested during the entire half day program.”

Bruce Blair Executive Director, Mental Health America of Augusta

In a group of very diverse non-profit leaders, Michele was able to deliver information and assist leaders in developing the necessary skills to promote healthy communication and effective working relationships. She not only provided excellent data, but also practical strategies and methods to use with their respected teams.

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

The most valuable part of Michele’s workshop for me was developing the skill/habit of being able to observe thoughts/emotions/situations in the moment and to pause enough to make an intentional decision on how to respond to clients and/or co-workers.

Chapman Hood Frazier Professor in Residence in Prince Edward County

Michele did an excellent job of working with a large group of teachers to present introductory information on Mindfulness. She was accessible and collegial and worked well to address their questions.

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

Michele did a great job sharing her expertise, providing real life examples from her own life and creating space for participation from all in attendance. She also exhibited very good listening skills and responded in a way that affirmed the value of each person's contributions.

AK Director of Client Services

“Michele was dedicated to creating an experience that brought benefits to our specific group. She consulted with us in advance to learn about our existing workplace culture and the goals we had for the training. She then tailored the training to fit. Michele also followed up with our leaders after the training to help us consider how to take next steps for our goals.”

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

As a result of Michele’s workshop, I will be trying to make a practice of implementing a one-minute breathwork break a couple of times a day. I am ready to practice observing what's going on around me rather than letting it control me & without feeling like I have to "fix" everything.

Coaching Testimonials

Chris C.
Chris C.Information Technology Professional and Consultant
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“Michele guided me to figure out what I want, without pushing me in any one direction. Her use of creative exercises based on researched topics like personality types not only helped me outright, but also demonstrated that I'm not alone in where I want to be or how I can best get there.”
Lacey W.
Lacey W.Educational Consultant
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“I have gained a more solid sense of trust in myself: my ability to discern when a situation or relationship is safe or unsafe, to believe my intuitive knowing, and to choose how to wisely respond in ways that honor myself and others.”
Christi G.
Christi G.Small Business Owner
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“Michele enabled me to feel more confident in my career and helped provide me with tools to get to know myself better.”
DFBDirector of Non Profit Agency
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“Since working with Michele, I've been able to apply some of the changes we explored during our sessions. In moments of being self-critical or feeling imposter syndrome creeping up, I'm able to pause and apply the realizations and tools that Michele helped me discover.”
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