Coaching Benefits

One-on-one coaching is completely tailored to your needs and goals. I work with you to uncover your greatest strengths and to then set intentional goals that are aligned with your values. I work with you to face what is getting in your way, and I support you in creating meaningful action plans that produce lasting change.

Creating the Life You Want

Cultivating Self-Care

Balancing Work and Life

Breaking through Barriers to Success

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Intentional Design

Leading you through Life by intentional Design Process.

I can lead you through the steps of clarifying your values, assessing your well-being from a holistic lens, and creating short and long-term goals that are personally meaningful to you. The more grounded you are in your values, the more meaningful your goals, and the happier your outcomes. This process helps you get into alignment with who you are and what you want. As a result, your accomplishments are much more fulfilling.

Maximize Happiness

Helping you lean into your strengths to maximize happiness and potential

As you recognize and lean into your strengths, you can truly shine. You can experience more joy. Coaching helps you uncover your greatest strengths, bring them into your personal and professional worlds and make intentional changes where needed. As you operate from a place of strength, you experience greater happiness and success in your life.

Who You Are & What You Want

Finding a match between who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Everyone has the ability to bring the best of who they are to the people, places, and spaces that fill their time. Contentment comes when you line up your values with your visions and goals. There are realities we face, and if we balance these facts with our dreams, we can create a meaningful and genuine life. Coaching can help you delve into who you are, determine what you want to do, and move forward with support and confidence.

Intentional Leadership

Developing yourself as an intentional leader.

Anyone can be a leader, but not everyone exudes confidence, positivity, and purpose as they lead. Coaching helps you strengthen your confidence and emotional intelligence, while keeping you focused on what is most important in your work. Investing in your own development as a leader pays off through greater confidence, happiness, and harmony.

Work / Life Balance

Creating a work-life balance that is realistic, fulfilling and based on your values

Everyone wants to live a life they can be proud of, yet few people succeed in living out their deepest values and creating a balanced and fulfilling life. If you choose to live with no regrets, the time is now to influence your own life. No one else will do it for you. Coaching can help you make strategic and meaningul decisions while creating a space for support and accountability.

Coaching Testimonials

What They're Saying

Lacey W Educational Consultant

“I have gained a more solid sense of trust in myself: my ability to discern when a situation or relationship is safe or unsafe, to believe my intuitive knowing, and to choose how to wisely respond in ways that honor myself and others.”

Chris C. Information Technology Professional and Consultant

“After working with Michele, I can see much more clearly the line between what I want for myself and what I felt like I should want, what others want, etc. This has made big decisions much less stressful, allowing me to make them much faster and with less fear of regret."

Christi G Small business owner

“Michele enabled me to feel more confident in my career and helped provide me with tools to get to know myself better.”

DFB Director of Non Profit Agency

“Since working with Michele, I've been able to apply some of the change tests we explored during our sessions. In moments of being self-critical or feeling imposter syndrome creeping up, I'm able to pause and apply the realizations and tools that Michele helped me discover."

Chris Information Technology Professional and Consultant

“Michele helped me figure out what's important to me in life and work, which helped me navigate several very difficult career decisions."

Coaching Package Pricing

I offer 6-session, 6 month, and 1-year coaching packages. Coaching packages are determined collaboratively after an initial discovery call. 


Coaching appointments are typically once a week for a month and then every other week to once a month, depending on your needs. We contract individually for coaching needs after we have an introductory call.

Introductory calls are free and typically last 15-20 minutes. My coaching packages for 6 sessions start at $1200 and go up from there, depending on sessions and needs, and whether you are an individual or corporate client.

Use my contact form or email me at michele@michelekielty.com and we will set up an initial introductory call to determine if we are a good fit for working together on your goals.

Coaching focuses more on helping you move towards future goals, helping you see what is getting in the way of reaching these goals, and setting up accountability to support your progress. Counseling may delve into past issues and process life traumas that need attention. Although I am a licensed counselor, I am not taking on the role of a therapist during our coaching work together.

The coaching process can be anywhere from 2 months to a year, depending on the client’s needs.