How to Keep Your Dreams Alive in the Midst of Real Life

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Just like my clients, I have dreams and I have my real life. I believe that my body and mind can house both and I believe that yours can too. Angela really wants to retire and do humanitarian work, but her bank account is not quite where it needs to be for retirement. Derek has a dream of buying a boat and having more time with his partner and kids but his job is taxing and he has so much responsibility it seems like a fantasy. I love to travel and want to live near water several months per year, but….no, AND….real life.

It is irresponsible to ignore the realities of our lives. It is depressing to give up on our dreams, and we lose out on joy. The key really is the middle path. Throughout the coaching process, Angela and Derek were both able to carve out scenic and enjoyable pathways. Their new scenery may not be the Hawaiian dream, but certainly more beautiful than the dirt roads they had feared.

Through the coaching process, Angela found a way to stay with the day job she values. By initiating a conversation with her boss, she was able to successfully plan to carve out several 4-day weekends to serve her chosen communities. Derek had a conversation with his partner and they agreed to rework their budget so he could cut down on the number of hours he is working. He is saving for a boat but meanwhile has been able to take his family on the water twice by renting from the local marina.

As for me, I am appreciating the flexibility of my job and trying out a new beach community for 1-2 weeks every winter. I enjoy the beauty of the water, the quiet of the beach, and the opportunity to connect with the people I love. I am saving for my goal and living into it in the now.

What is your dream? How can you create a plan that leads you towards the whole plan, or one aspect of it? Engaging with your dreams will connect you with your joy. You have the opportunity to appreciate and create beauty in your life. The time to take your first step is now.

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