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I am Dr. Michele Kielty

Thanks for stopping by and please call me Michele. My strengths identified by my favorite assessments include: Lifelong Learner, Futuristic, Strategic, Idealistic and Empathic. I am ENFP on the MBTI and an Enneagram Type 4. If that means nothing to you, rest assured that I will rope you in soon enough so you can understand more about who you are at your core. I love understanding people and what makes them tick and helps them thrive. I have lots of tools to help you and I will seek out new ones if needed for your situation.

My passions for adventure and learning have come in the forms of: obtaining a certificate in cyber-security; recently spending four months in Italy after gaining Italian citizenship and studying the language; and taking many trainings on holistic wellness methods.

I am a true optimizer and I strive to experience a full life and be the happiest person possible. I love to help my clients from diverse backgrounds of any kind create the experiences they most desire. I truly believe we are all capable of deeply influencing our own lives, and in doing so, we can enrich the people around us.

I have plenty of real-world human experiences just like my clients. I have navigated a busy career (I am a Professor of Counseling) while prioritizing my treasured role as a Mom. I have walked through life’s highs in parenting, remarriage and wonderful adventures with dear friends and family. I have grown through life’s challenges in dealing with illness and divorce as well as parenting teens and young adults. I have given and received help in life and as I see it, whichever side you are on, it can be a sacred space. I look forward to sharing that space with you.

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To empower my clients with the confidence and skills that optimize their potential and well-being, resulting in greater personal and professional happiness.


I am dedicated to working with the whole person for optimal happiness and success as individuals and as team members.


Life is all about balancing our realities with our dreams. By working with the tools available to us now, we can create some truly beautiful designs for our futures.

How I Can Help

I provide tailored Counseling, Coaching & Workshop Services

Whether working one-on-one in therapy or coaching, or interacting in a workshop setting, I will collaborate with you to create optimal change now. Your goals are central to our time together. We will start addressing the challenges and goals you bring the table for immediate positive forward movement.

As a counselor, I tend to work with high achieving people who have lost their way and just want to find that spark of joy once again. They may be looking to make major life changes in careers, living situations, or relationships. They may simply need support tweaking little things to improve their relationships with partners, children or co-workers. Counseling clients are not coaching clients and vice versa.

As a coach, I work with clients who are looking forward and want to directly address goals and design strategies to meet those goals. We build in accountability and frequent communication. Counseling may delve into the backstory, while coaching rarely goes there.

Whatever setting I meet you in, I can’t wait to meet you, listen intently, and work together on your hopes and visions for yourself and/or your team.

Workshop & Coaching Testimonials

What Our Attendees Are Saying

Bruce Blair Executive Director, Mental Health America of Augusta

In a group of very diverse non-profit leaders, Michele was able to deliver information and assist leaders in developing the necessary skills to promote healthy communication and effective working relationships. She not only provided excellent data, but also practical strategies and methods to use with their respected teams.

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

The most valuable part of Michele’s workshop for me was developing the skill/habit of being able to observe thoughts/emotions/situations in the moment and to pause enough to make an intentional decision on how to respond to clients and/or co-workers.

Chapman Hood Frazier Professor in Residence in Prince Edward County

Michele did an excellent job of working with a large group of teachers to present introductory information on Mindfulness. She was accessible and collegial and worked well to address their questions.

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

Michele did a great job sharing her expertise, providing real life examples from her own life and creating space for participation from all in attendance. She also exhibited very good listening skills and responded in a way that affirmed the value of each person's contributions.

Attendee Mindfulness for Busy Leaders workshop

As a result of Michele’s workshop, I will be trying to make a practice of implementing a one-minute breathwork break a couple of times a day. I am ready to practice observing what's going on around me rather than letting it control me & without feeling like I have to "fix" everything.