Welcome to my Blog: Balancing the Dream with the Reality

I am not sure about you, but I grow weary of “salesy” pitches saying we can have it all in a hot second if we just work hard enough or think, say or do the right things. I created this space to explore balancing the realities of our true and sometimes messy lives with the dreams of our hearts and souls. I deeply believe we can attend to the precious and complex humanness that we embody (paying bills, changing diapers, caring for sick parents, struggling with negative thoughts and consistent worries) AND visualize, walk towards, and realize the very dreams that bring us joy and motivate the deeper, soul aspects of who we are. We are real people, with real lives whose dreams are as important as our responsibilities. Whether your dream is to become a parent, carve out time for a joyful hobby, plan a trip, create a new career, thrive in your current career, or live more congruently with your inner values, this blog is for you. Welcome!

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